Musings 04: Support of My Family

My life would be significantly worse if I didn’t have the support of my family. I have an SO who loves and takes care of me and who pushes me to be my best self and someone who is actually happy about herself. I also have immediate family members who took more interest in helping to support me when it became clear that my medical conditions were worsening. These past few years as my medical problems worsened, my relationship with my family has gotten better. It probably helps that I live an ocean away, and they now have the chance to miss me.

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Literary Analysis – Sonnet IX: John Milton’s Ideal Woman

John Milton wrote Sonnet IX during his separation from his first wife, Mary, from 1642-5 alongside his divorce tracts. Sonnet IX is about a lady choosing the path of righteousness where it would be she and other virgins, “wise and pure” (line 14), who is allowed to accompany the bridegroom and friends to pass through the gate to the wedding. The sonnet utilizes this apostrophic form and biblical allusions as a way to idealize what he desires in a lady by addressing someone but not anyone in particular. There is no indication of who the lady is, and thus is addressing ladies in their prime on how he would like a lady to conduct herself. The form of the poem is a Petrarchan sonnet with ten syllables per line, a rhyme scheme of abbaabba cdecde, and an octave and sestet separation indicating at the sestet a turn in direction in the poem. The octave’s lines are all one sentence compared to the sestet which has two sentences designating that there’s two parts to the sestet.

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Bullet Journal: End of My First Year (2018)

Here is my December monthly! Because of my life, I do pretty much live a life of a shut in a lot so I like to record some basic things that I think are useful in order to keep giving me direction and appointment and events. I tried to put down my goals for writing blog posts – I try to make a post every Monday at the very least onto my calendar. It’s not set in stone; it can always change. It’s not something that I’m going to force, but it’d be nice if I could get it done each Monday. Today is my five year anniversary with my SO! It’s been a long ride, and hopefully many more years to come. In any case, I also put holidays on the monthly! I like how my December monthly turned out. I think the Christmas tree wannabe is cute as I’m quite bad at drawing. I used stencils to make the snowflakes. My favorite color is purple, as you might tell from the design of my wordpress, and I like adding it whenever I’m coloring.

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Literary Analysis: The Rocking-Horse Winner by D. H. Lawrence

There is madness in the house. I was left with more questions at the end of “The Rocking-Horse Winner” than answers when it comes to thinking of the divine in Lawrence’s short story. There’s a lot of open ending questions that could change how one looks at the characters who are a huge focus of the story. Various themes echo throughout the short story: money, luck, madness, appearances, and the divine.

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Musings 03: I Have a Symptomatic Ectopic Pancreas. What is That?

Ectopic pancreas, which is also known as aberrant pancreas, heterotopic pancreas, pancreatic rest, refers to ectopic pancreatic tissue that lacks anatomic or vascular connection with the pancreas (Sadeghi 218). It’s a rare developmental anomaly detected incidentally in general and is recognized by its small, crater-like appearance. It’s commonly found on the stomach, duodenum, and proximal jejunum. Its incidence rate is 0.55-13.7% in autopsy series. (Cretin 426, 428).

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In-Depth Film Review – 47 Ronin (2013)

Happy Thanksgiving! And so for this Thanksgiving, here’s a review on 47 Ronin!

47 Ronin was somewhat based on the true story known as the Ako incident or the Ako vendetta. It didn’t happen exactly like the movie, of course with its supernatural elements, but the general plot of taking ronins vengeance for their master’s death was the same. In the real-life story, the 47 ronin led by Oishi (who had a different backstory to the movie version but was still basically Lord Asano’s principal commander who took control after Lord Asano died and got Lord Asano’s family to safety before giving up control of the castle) waited for the perfect opportunity in order to kill the court official Kira, who after constant verbal abuse of the feudal lord Asano, was struck on the head by lord Asano but ended up living. Under the Shogun’s laws, lord Asano committed a grave sin and was given a choice to commit seppuku (Japanese honor ritual suicide), which he did. The Shogun ordered the Ronin not to seek vengeance, but they did. Their decision to follow the bushido way endeared the public to them, which caused the Shogun to allow them to commit seppuku rather than kill them all like common criminals.

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Literary Analysis: The Dream of the Rood

The Dream of the Rood is a religious, Old English poem.

“Neither its author nor its date of composition is known. It appears in a late 10th century manuscript located in Vercelli in northern Italy…..The poem may antedate its manuscript, because some passages from the Rood’s speech were carved, with some variations, in runes on a stone cross at some time after its construction early in the eighth century; this is the famous Ruthwell Cross, which is preserved near Dumfries in southern Scotland. The precise relation of the poem to this cross, is, however, uncertain.” (Norton 21).

The main characters involved are the narrator, the tree of glory, and Christ as a subject. We as readers get to see into the narrator’s mind through first person point of view, but through the tree speaking for itself do we get to see something of the tree of glory’s thoughts themselves.

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